Changing the default files and folders in the Nextcloud All-in-One Docker Image

Nov 23, 2023 08:16 · 228 words · 2 minute read Nextcloud Docker


Nextcloud is an open-source collaboration platform where teams can share files, calendars and other resources. When a system administrator creates a new user on Nextcloud, the default files and folders that user views on their initial login are automatically populated as part of the Nextcloud setup (e.g. a pdf file entitled Reasons to use Nextcloud, etc). As the administrator you may want your users to view a different set of files and folders; and if you have installed Nextcloud via the All-in-One Docker Image, this has to be done whilst navigating a docker container.

This blog post was originally a worked example demonstrating how to change these default files and folders (also called the skeleton directory), based on the already existing Nextcloud tutorial on providing default files.

However shortly after publication it was pointed out that my solution was both:

  • wrong and
  • already covered in the documentation.

Therefore if you are looking to do this please see the custom skeleton directory section of the Nextcloud AIO Docker FAQ. Sorry for the inconvenience.


After writing the above I reflected on why I had made this mistake and I concluded it was because the relevant section in the FAQ needed some improvement. However this does have a happy ending: I submitted an issue, had my pull request accepted and I think the FAQ is now a lot clearer.

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